Blog  Digital Media Major Spotlight: How Technology is Influencing Religion

Digital Media Major Spotlight: How Technology is Influencing Religion

By: Seth Kroll, Digital Media Major Teacher

Kutz Spotlight Articles outline what our Majors are, how they run, what their goals are, and a little bit about the Major Teacher and participants.

The Digital Media Major is exciting and engaging.  In class so far we have discussed and experimented with the concept of intention. Intention in what we produce and how we ultimately present it (and ourselves).  We have taken intentional photographs, thinking about the framing and composition of them, and have discussed and debated intentions of what is appropriate to be presented online.  We have also had the privilege and honor to have time with several guest faculty members who are leaders and professionals pushing the envelop in their respective fields.

Before running an all-camp program on game development, Rabbi Owen Gottlieb taught the Digital Media Major about creating drama in story development…and even used the Torah as an example!  Nathan Lang, an independent documentarian from Los Angeles screened his film, God in the Box [], which explores how people perceive god for all of camp and then met with the Digital Media Major to discuss his filmmaking process.  The students also were able to play around and experiment with “the box”.  The class also learned with Rabbi Billy Dreskin, who challenged them to bring new technology into the spiritual space of t’filah.

Rabbi Dreskin led a “visual worship” Shabbat service where the prayers and readings were presented on a screen in front of the community…leaving participants’ hands open to hold a neighbor’s, wrap around a friends shoulder, or even clap with the beat of a song.  He encouraged the students to take this even further and think about ways to use text messaging or social media during the services to experience the prayer experience.

Later this week and into next the Digital Media Major will begin to produce their own projects.  With the energy and spirit around camp it is impossible to tell what they will come up with, but for sure it will be inspiring.  Stay tuned to the Kutz blog for updates.