Blog  Torah Corps Major Spotlight: Putting Instruments on Shabbat on Trial, Honi the Circle Drawer, and Talmud

Torah Corps Major Spotlight: Putting Instruments on Shabbat on Trial, Honi the Circle Drawer, and Talmud

By: Becca Walker, Torah Corps Major Teacher

Torah Corps is a very wide ranging Major covering almost any topic related to Judaism that interests Kutz participants. Our conversations have roamed from serious discussions on tradition and faith to more lighthearted topics such as the Jewish perspective on beards and Jewish ethics on twitter.

In Torah Corps, participants are given the ability to engage in deep philosophical conversations with their peers. We try to cover topics that keep Torah Corps participants entertained and engaged, but also have important Jewish lessons to teach as well.

Isaac Netzer (NFTY-STR)

My favorite day was definitely a tie between the mock trial and the New York trip through the Lower East Side. During the mock trial we had a lot of fun arguing our various points while usuing various texts and evidence to support our argument. In New York we had a good time through rain and shine and awkward taxi rides, etc. I <3 Torah Corps.

Deanna Shauben (NFTY-SAR):

I like learning about Jewish superstitions because I always think of Judaism as a rational religion with significance behind every law and tradition and it’s interesting to be reminded of the less rational teachings. I also like learning about Beruria because sassy, strong women are amazing.

David Rosen (NFTY-TOR):

My favorite story of the major was the story of Honi the Circle Drawer and his 70 year sleep. We had an incredible discussion over whether it was worth it for Honi to live and pass on his knowledge when he knew no one, in relation to the story of the man who planted a tree for his grandchildren to have fruit.

Daniel Sainati (NFTY-MAR):

My favorite activity during Torah Corps was Mock Trial. It was fun and interesting. We argued about whether or not instruments should be allowed during Shabbat services. I thought the jury decided in favor of the wrong side

Jordan Brennan (NFTY-OV):

My favorite activity was learning about our responsibility to future generations according to Jewish text. The idea of providing for future generations was really neat.

Micah Friedman (NFTY-STR):

On one day, we paired with the Hagshama major. We meditated on rain and then read a Talmudic story on rain. On another day we studied Judaism’s view on tattoos and made fake funny Hebrew tattoos.