Blog  Creative Arts Major Final Projects

Creative Arts Major Final Projects

By: Eldad Shaaltiel, Creative Arts Major Teacher

The following are the final art projects created by the participants in the Creative Arts Major. For more information on how these projects were created and the process we went through to produce these art works, see our Creative Arts Major Spotlight blog post.

“Showing My True Colors” by Sara Kaplan: I show my true colors when I’m alone in different environments.




“I Am” by Sydney Galligan: When I heard the theme makom, I thought of myself. I am my place.






“More Than One Makom” by Deena Cincinatus: I can’t talk about one makom. I have many.









“Waterfall” by Alana Yeager: It is a waterfall that makes me feel peaceful when the world is not.






“Kutz” by Sara Enfield: Kutz is my home because whenever I’m here, I feel connected. I can’t get this feeling anywhere else.





“Makom” by Claire Taigman: This painging illustrates my struggle to find makom; a place where God exists.




“Coming Home” by Marguerite Alberts: This piece of art illustrates a place that is hidden away especially for me.









“Unknown” by Smadar Elany: This painting represents the relationship between Kibbutz Lotan and Kutz Camp, which for me, also represents the connection between generations of my family. My Grandfather, Hank Skirball, was the Kutz director for nine years and my mother grew up in camp and as a NFTYite. She also moved to israel and was among the founders of Kibbutz Lotan, where I was born.