Blog  Participant Perspectives: Alana Yeager on Creative Arts

Participant Perspectives: Alana Yeager on Creative Arts

By: Alana Yeager, Participant from Temple B’Nai Jeshuran, Short Hills, NJ (NFTY-GER)

Kutz… where do I even begin? Well for starters I came to camp thinking that this would be a waste of my summer, that I would just be surrounded by a bunch of people who were more religious than I. But as it turns out, I was wrong. At camp Kutz I was immediately embraced with welcoming arms. Although I spent the first day with my mom, who was a Kutz alumni, by the second day I found my group of friends that accepted me for who I was.

After the second week of camp, I really felt as if I belonged. Everyone was so nice, welcoming, and were extremely approachable. Even though everyone was accepting, only a few people really understood me. And fortunately they were also in my major, Creative Arts.

In Creative Arts I really got to dig into my creative side. Eldad, the teacher, was an understanding teacher who really showed me new ways to express myself. I can easily say that I looked forward to art each day. The people in my class became my family. We shared tons of inside jokes, and although the class was productive we got to act like little kids again. Which was a breath of fresh air. The minors were cool too. Overall, I am glad I got to experience camp Kutz.