Blog  Participant Perspectives: Suzannah Sparks on Hagshama

Participant Perspectives: Suzannah Sparks on Hagshama

By: Suzannah Sparks

My favorite part of camp is really corny. Cabin bonding with my girls every night was truly the best part of my summer (go mountain 1! ). Every night there was always something new happening-  whether it was learning how to Bernie or meowing accapello’s… and even getting serenaded by a few cabins. It was incredible. It was just the perfect end to every night. Plus, we had about fifty pounds of food so that definitely helped.

The sense of peace that I felt in my major (Hagshama) every morning when we did Yoga. In Hagshama we really learned how to tap into our inner selves and take a moment to look back and analyze all that was around us. It was an incredible feeling that I would love to bring back to my TYG- and hopefully I can teach them a few yoga poses too :-).

The biggest advice I can give to future Kutz participants is to bring Duct Tape! It will honestly be a life saver! I came late and didn’t have any drawer space so I ended up making shelves out of duct tape…I know, a little janky, but definitely the most useful item I brought. Trust me, you will thank me.