Blog  Participant Perspectives: Isaac Netzer on Trip Day, Torah Corps, and Josh Nelson’s Tefillah

Participant Perspectives: Isaac Netzer on Trip Day, Torah Corps, and Josh Nelson’s Tefillah

By: Isaac Netzer, Participant from Shaarai Zedek Congregation, Tampa, FL (NFTY-STR)

My favorite memory from Kutz is most definitely a cross between trip day and the josh nelson service after Maccabiah. During trip day, my Major, Torah Corps, toured the Lower East Side of NYC. We traveled first to a Lower East Side Synogogue, one that had been standing for at least 100 years. On our way there, however, we walked through a movie set. After that, we then went to a local pickle shop, called “the Pickle Guys,”and I had literally the best pickle of my life. During the Josh Nelson service, we all sat down in the middle of the teatron, and we were all completely quiet. After 15-20 minutes into the service I went and stood up for the Amidah. I stood up and looked up over the starry lake, quietly lit by the moon, and I cried. I just stood there and cried for maybe 10 minutes, and it was possibly the most spiritual and religious moment of my life.

I hope to use the knowledge that I gained in Torah Corps as well as all of my minors to run for RCVP of my region. I think that if you come to kutz without any leadership experience whatsoever, you come out with more leadership skills in three and a half weeks than you would have learned in three and a half years. I absolutely love my major and everyone in it, and because of that I learned how to teach a text, write services, and even lead them! I had the best time each day and looked forward to what the next day would bring.

This year, I was the only returning camper in my cabin, so I was kind of known as a “papa bear”figure, and every one asked my advice on everything. My number one piece of advice to future campers is to be yourself. I was talking with one of my best friends that I made this year, and I told him that if there was any place to create a new you, or just continue the old one, the place would be here at Kutz. This place to me is truly magical and I think that all NFTY-ites should have the chance to come to this magnificent place, where you make friends for life and experience things that no one else can.