Blog  Participant Perspectives: Jennifer Gibson on Mitzvah Corps

Participant Perspectives: Jennifer Gibson on Mitzvah Corps

By: Jennifer Gibson, Participant from Temple Israel, Havana, FL (NFTY-SAR)

Hearing about Kutz Camp from my sister last year made me yearn to come, the night before the first day of camp I could not sleep due to both worry and excitement but mostly worry. I was so scared that I would not make any friends and that nobody would like me. When I arrived in the airport everyone was hanging out and talking, my worry about not making friends grew because I thought that everyone already knew each other and that I was left out. So I awkwardly stood there by myself until I saw another awkward person standing, Danni Sontag. I started talking to her and we soon became friends. After the second day I had made so many friends, my worries were obliterated. I now have more friends than I can count. My friends were gained in my cabin, in free time, and in my major.

My major was Mitzvah Corps. In this major we mentored teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder, meaning we hung out with them and integrated them into the camp environment. We also learned about social action in a community. This experience was very rewarding because we made about twenty new friends who we might not have met otherwise. I loved every part of the Kutz experience and strongly encourage others to participate.