Blog  Regional Board All Camp Program: What Living NFTY Means for Kutz Teens

Regional Board All Camp Program: What Living NFTY Means for Kutz Teens

By: Micah Finkelman, NFTY-OV PVP, and Lauren Filler, NFTY-NAR President

It is certainly fair to say that the days leading up to the Regional Board Leadership Track’s program on Living NFTY were filled with stress, nerves, and excitement, but none of that seemed to matter as our entire community came together after Havdallah to learn, examine, and discuss the five “Living NFTY” initiatives, as well as our values as Reform Jewish teens. From the beginning, the idea of having 28 opinionated minds working on one program was daunting, but in the end, the plethora of abilities, knowledge, and talents worked together to create one amazing evening.

The evening started out in five different locations. In each of these spaces, several Regional Board members led a program about one of the five initiatives. The current initiatives are GLBTQ Teen Inclusion; Bullying, Teasing, and Harassment; Grief and Morning; Eating Disorders; and No-Phone Zone (No texting while driving). The next portion was a discussion about the values that these topics encompass which sparked discussions about potential initiatives. The evening ended with a final art project that wrapped up the night. We were so pleased by the mood that was created by our community. As a result, Kutz now has a beautiful new sculpture, covered with notes written by all of our peers.

Looking back on the summer, we feel as though last night’s program exemplifies the amazing experience that we have had in Regional Board Track and here at Kutz. We are so happy about the life-long connections that we’ve made, and the valuable lessons that we have learned from our teachers and the other members of out community.