Blog  What is home to you?

What is home to you?

Written by the Digital Media participants.

Welcome to Digital Media, Kutz’s hidden treasure. Located in the bottom corner of the Art Building our room, unlike every other space on camp, is used solely for Digital Media. If you didn’t know we were here then you wouldn’t be able to find us. But when we show off our projects on Thursday night at the Kutz Camp Film Gala (Black tie optional) their will be no question that the Digital Media Major has been hard at work.

Digital Media this summer has been a lot more then just learning to use imovie. We looked a lot at how to tell a complete story and how to make it engaging to all audiences. We also learned how powerful a video can be. When we picked our final projects it wasn’t about doing something just for fun. Not only did the video need to have a point (we weren’t telling a story just for laughs) but it also needed to have a greater purpose outside of the major.  The three videos being shown may be very different but they all can be used in the outside world. Video 1, is for the Campaign for Youth Engagement. The campaign is a movement wide effort within the URJ to engage the unengaged youth. Video 2, is all about home. It explores “What is home?” and “Why Camp is home?”. While the final video is less serious it is still important. Video 3 is a parody to a pop song. It explores all the reasons that we love the URJ Kutz camp.

Our Captain on S.S. Digital Media is Pam Schuller. During the year she is a Youth Programs Manager for NFTY-GER. This makes her an even better captain to chart our course. Because of her background we have learned about how to apply digital media to our home communities and congregations. We are now prepared to go home and help our congregations to promote Jewish Life in a fun and engaging way.

Digital Media was an awesome experience and one I would recommend to anyone interested. Because of the things I have learned here I now see the world through a different lens.