Blog  100 Reasons to Love Kutz

100 Reasons to Love Kutz

By: Dori Singer, NFTY Southwest and Kutz camp Alumna

What are YOU doing this summer?! In 100 days I’ll be heading back to Kutz: NFTY’s Campus for Reform Jewish Teens! Sign up now for your chance to have the best summer of your life! So in celebration, here are 100 things I love about camp:

1. The bus ride to camp
2. Seeing old friends
3. Making new friends
4. Cabin timeDori and Company
5. Check in / Check out
6. Making cabin plaques
7. Free time in the grove
8. Shabbat
9. Shabbat dinner
10. Shabbat Shira
11. Dressing up
12. Wobbling
13. Bar Mitzvah Dancing
14. Israeli Dancing
15. Hump De Dump
16. Shabbat Sha-Muffins
17. Shabbat softball
18. Shabbat naps
19. Dan Nichols concert
20. Alan Goodis concert
21. Josh Nelson concert
22. Cabin serenades
23. Pictures by the lake
24. Sunrise service
25. Havdallah
26. Macabbiah
27. Programs
28. Climbing the tower
29. Playing games on Chock Full O’Nuts
30. Can jam
31. Major led programs
32. Lake Rolyn
33. Paddle boating
34. T’filah
35. The talent show
36. The lack of talent show
37. Writing letters
38. Getting letters
39. Getting packages
40. Getting packages with food
41. Smoothies at the canteen
42. Kutz tumblers
43. Swimming in the pool
44. Tanning by the pool
45. Majors
46. Minors
47. Electives
48. Banquet
49. Food at banquet
50. Trip day
51. Seeing a show on Broadway
52. Going to Times Square
53. Siyyum
54. Fireflies
55. Playing with Maggie
56. Burping loud and proud
57. Tie dying shirts
58. Wearing NFTY merch
59. Pie servers
60. The ice machine
61. Onesie Tuesdays
62. Sundevil Sundays
63. Rainboots
64. Playing in the rain
65. Using my Camelbak
66. Song session
67. Birkat Ha’mazon
68. Beit Midrash
69. Hammocks
70. Taking scenic pictures
71. G-d in the box
72. Love in the box
73. Living in a “bubble” for a month
74. Birthday wheel
75. French Toast stick braekfast
76. Grilled cheese lunches
77. Fourth of July
78. Canadian Independence Day
79. The KKC kids
80. Matching outfits
81. Sitting in the pagodas
82. Heart to hearts
83. Reading the Minhash at lunch
84. Getting 5’s on cabin inspection
85. Chasing geese
86. Singing “Alive, Awake, Alert, Enthusiastic” to wake up
87. Eating York Peppermint Patties in Melissa’s office
88. Showering with flip-flops
89. Looking at the stars
90. Not wearing make up
91. Campfires
92. Losing your voice from singing so loud
93. Hugging
94. Cuddling
95. Wearing LOTS of sunscreen
96. Late night snacks
97. Friday lunch outside
98. Meeting my best friend
99. Knowing you’ll have these memories forever
100. The fact that Kutz really does become your home

NFTY’s Kutz Campus is the summer home of the NFTY Leadership Experience. Our mission is to provide a holistic residential program where teens and adults work in partnership to enhance the talents and skills of each individual through mentorship and peer leadership. Our hope is that every individual leaves with a deeper connection to living an intentionally Jewish life which is made richer because of their personal growth while in this community and a deepened commitment to ensuring the Reform Jewish community of the future.