Blog  Participant Perspective on Kutz

Participant Perspective on Kutz

by Reed Gutner

Hey camp bloggers and viewers, this is the Reedster speaking!  I’ve been coming to camp for six, almost seven summers and I have learned everything about being a leader and about being a good friend.  I’ve made so many new friends this summer and I love hanging out with them and being able to spend time with them.  Spending time with my friends and feeling included at camp makes me feel happy, special, and loved at the same time.  Doing activities with my friends in the mitzvah corps minor was fun because they helped me with every activity.

Everyone here at Camp Kutz is polite and nice to everyone.  I have been having the best summer here at Kutz because this place is my second home.  My friends allow me to be included in every activity and I am really glad I decided to come back to Kutz this summer.  I have met friends from all around the world and I can’t wait to share these last few days with them.  Talking to my friends and getting to know so many new people has made this summer a memorable one.