Blog  A Summer Of Strength, Happiness, and Saying Yes

A Summer Of Strength, Happiness, and Saying Yes

Two of this summer’s participants, Haley Stav and Ava Edelman, sat down together to recount their first day of camp after meeting and becoming fast friends at the airport. Haley is a returning camper, and this is Ava’s first summer at Kutz. Here, they share with us their first-day jitters and excitement as they embark on #kutz18 together.


H: Hello everyone! My name is Haley Stav and I’m from Parkland, Florida.

A: My name is Ava Edelman and I’m from Shaker Heights, Ohio. We want to tell you about how we got to Kutz!

H: It all started on Tuesday, June 26th, the first day of camp.

A: When I first arrived to Newark Airport I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of other participants. About half an hour later, a plane of other eager participants arrived.

H: After a turbulent flight and an early morning, I finally landed at the airport. When I arrived to the terminal I introduced myself to Ava and instantly connected over mutual friends.

A: I was overjoyed to have finally put a face to a name and to have met my first friend here. Then we talked with the rest of the participants and staff in the airport while we waited for the bus to take us home.

H: As a second year Kutz participant I was beyond excited to get to camp.  Kutz ‘17 was an amazing experience and I could not wait to see some old faces and meet plenty of new people. However, I also knew this summer would, in some ways, be totally different with a new immersive and camp schedule.

A: As a first time participant I was also excited to get to camp and was nervous as well because I was entering a new environment. I was reassured by knowing I would see some familiar faces that I knew from prior events.

H: With all of those emotions running through our heads, Ava and I then raced through the airport to catch the airtrain to the terminal where the bus would pick us up. Even that short journey became quite an experience.

A: Yes. I, along with others, fell up the escalator with my large duffle for camp. Don’t worry we quickly recovered.

H: After arriving at the correct terminal, we met up with the rest of the Kutz participants. It was super exciting to see old friends and meet new people.

A: We loaded up on the bus for the ride to camp. Everyone was super excited and ready to begin their summer experience at Kutz.

H: The bus was abuzz with talk of the new schedule, people’s immersives, and the best eno spots. Everyone was exhausted from their flights and ecstatic to get to Kutz.

A: Finally, we arrived to camp where we were welcomed by all the staff onsite. We unloaded our things and began the first day activities.

H: After going through all the health, wellness, and security stations we finally got to find out our cabins.

A & H: Bayit 4!!!!!

A: We were super excited to be in the same cabin and get closer.

H: As we began to unpack our things we quickly realized this would be a Summer to remember.

A: A Summer of Saying Yes (#SOSY)

H: And a Summer of Strength and Happiness (#SOSH)

A: We both feel so lucky that something as simple as when our planes landed has enabled us to begin this awesome journey together!