As a part of the inclusive pricing for your event, the Kutz Camp kitchen staff will prepare all meals for you. Menu choices and meal times will be set in advance of the event to best fit both your group and Kutz’s schedules.

We can work to serve meals either buffet-style or family style depending on your requests. Kutz does not provide waiters for meals, however you may assign your group to have waiters if you choose family style meals. Many groups opt for buffet style meals for the majority of meals. If your group chooses family style, plates, flatware and glasses will be available at each table but it is up to the group whether waiters arrive early to set the tables. At the end of the meal, groups are asked to bus and wipe down their tables before exiting the dining hall. Our dining hall is mixed with round and rectangular tables, each holding 8 people.

Evening snacks will only be available if requested in advance. Kutz will provide basic evening snacks including granola bars or cookies if requested. If interested in ice cream sundaes, fruit platters, s’mores or anything else you might like, a small fee is usually involved.

Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast Eggs
Lunch Grilled Cheese
Bagels and Spread
Dinner Chicken Soup
Baked Chicken
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Apple or Blueberry Pie
Spaghetti and Meatballs
Garlic Bread
Green Beans
*Vegetarian options
can be available at
every meal*

Every lunch and dinner includes a salad bar option and breakfast includes a cold cereal bar