Planning Your Event

You have chosen to host your event at camp, which as you know differs from a hotel or conference center. By living, eating and working together on camp, you have the ability to truly expand your retreat and group. While we do offer a number of activities offered resorts and conference centers, please keep in mind this is camp and we create a very relaxed atmosphere.

On this part of our site, you can find a number of helpful forms for you to fill out and other forms to send to your participants prior to you event. Directions to the facility are available, along with a suggested packing list to get you started. We know that housing cab often be a hassle, so we have provided you with a blank housing chart* (excel document with multiple sheets) with all buildings listed and space for the number of participants allowed.
*Please be in touch with Kutz retreat coordinator regarding which housing accommodations are reserved for your group.

Two (2) weeks prior to the event we require specific documents in order to be able to properly prepare for your arrivals. Documents needed include housing assignments, tentative schedule, dietary restrictions, and any other special requests. If you are unsure of anything, please be in touch with camp to resolve.

Driving directions to camp are available. Parking for any vehicles being driven to camp is on the field directly across from the main gate into camp. Only emergency vehicles will be allowed on camp.

Depending on your group size and the length of your travel to camp, rental vans or chartered buses are a great options when looking to transport your group.

Public Transportation is offered into Warwick, NY. NJ Transit buses offer a route into Warwick, NY with 2 stops. You can find times for the 196 and 197 buses on their website. We suggest that a member of your group be able to pick up participants arriving via public transportation and drive them to camp. Taxis are also available to call in Warwick.

Kutz is not responsible for transporting your participants to camp.

Kutz Camp offers a limited number of sports equipment for group’s usage. We can provide basketballs, soccerballs, and limited softball equipment on site.

It is suggested that you bring your own equipment for volleyball, tennis, kickball, and baseball gloves.

Please let camp know in advance if you are interested in borrowing any equipment during your event. This will allow us to make sure the equipment is available and if it is not, you have time to make alternate plans.

Minimal A/V equipment is available for use during your event. If requested Kutz may be able to provide a projector, screen, and sound equipment. Any A/V needs for your weekend must be requested prior to your event.

Please note that if you are requesting the use of a projector and will be using a Mac Laptop and not a PC, we do not have converters available on site so please bring one with you.

When booking with camp, please consider whether you would like linens for your group. We recommend that each group bring with them their own bedding and linens. If you would like to rent linens for your group, please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance to allow time for ordering your quantities. We charge by the set, which includes a top and bottom sheet, one towel, a pillowcase, a pillow and a blanket.

Please contact Kutz to discuss linen rental for your group.

Kutz Camp MapUpdated map of URJ Kutz Camp