King David smallKing David Rooms 1-6; Capacity - 12 participants The most recently built accommodations on property, each room consists of 2 single beds, private bathroom, refrigerator and microwave, dresser and nightstand. Rooms are air conditioned.


TC 1 small

TC (Torah Corps) 6 Buildings; 24 rooms; 2 handicapable rooms Each building is divided into 4 separate rooms, each with a private bathroom. Each room has between 2 single beds and 3 bunk beds. Rooms are air conditioned.

Faculty Row Cabins smallFaculty Row 4 Buildings; 8 private cabins

The faculty row cabins are private housing accommodations on camp. Each faculty row cabin consists of private bedroom(s), private bath(s), common area, and usually a small kitchen area. Cabin capacities vary depending on cabin (smallest cabin has one bedroom and one bath and largest cabin has three bedrooms and two baths).

Bayit Cabin 1 smallBayit Cabins 3 Buildings; 6 cabins These cabins are ideal accommodations for youth groups and retreats. These cabins feature 2 dorm style wings with separate bathrooms on each side of the cabin consisting of 3 sinks, 3 toilets and 3 showers each. Connecting the 2 wings of the building are 3 private rooms, 1 including a private bathroom, which are usually reserved for group leaders or other adults. Each wing can hold up to 20 participants (beds are bunked). Each private room can hold up to 2 participants.

Hill Cabins smallHill Cabins 5 Cabins The Hill cabins are similar to the Batim. Each cabin is dorm style and has 1 private room, usually reserved for a group leader or other adult. The cabin shares 4 toilets, 4 sinks, and 2 showers. Each Hill cabin can hold between 16-18 participants (beds are bunked); private rooms can hold up to 2 participants (beds may be bunked).

NOTE: Bayit and Hills are not available outside of June, July and August. Number of beds in the TC Cabins and Faculty Row Cabins is different for winterization in April, May, September and October. Contact Kutz Camp to discuss housing layout for your event.

Beit AmBeit Am This state of the art building has a capacity of 350 participants. With audio-visual capabilities, this facility is state-of-the-art and capable of hosting almost any type of program for your event.


Back of Arts Center smallArt Building With numerous rooms throughout, your event is able to use a variety of spaces that best fit your needs. Holding three art rooms, a music room, dance studio, a library, and more this building has many functions.

teyatronTeyatron One of the only structures in New York built over water, this outdoor covered structure is the absolute perfect location for events such as wedding reception, religious services, or any program.


Main Office smallMain Building Host to our 250 person dining hall, 60 person faculty dining room, program room and lobby, this building is often central base for groups and events.


pool smallPool* With 2 swimming pools, Kutz's pool area is often home to many activities. With a shallow pool and a pool with a deeper end, swimming laps or playing water polo are possible!


Jonah Lake smallLake Rolyn* Lake Rolyn proudly reopened in the summer of 2009. With the addition of a wonderful beachfront in the summer of 2010, Lake Rolyn is the perfect place for boating activities on camp.

tower smallAlpine Tower* Our 50-foot alpine tower is the perfect spot for group activities and bonding. With numerous ways to the top and multiple uses, the alpine tower is a highlight of camp.



dining hall half smallDining Hall With a gorgeous view overlooking Lake Rolyn, the Kutz dining hall holds up to 250 people. Most often used for meals and evening snacks, our dining facility has been used many times as ceremony and reception locations for weddings.