The core of the Kutz experience is about living a life congruent with Jewish values, and that’s even extended to our kitchen and dining hall. We believe in the importance of eliminating pesticides and hydrogenated fats from our camp menu. Meeting the needs of each individual at each meal is paramount to our success – we take food allergies and intolerances seriously and work to accommodate every person in camp. Our new camp menus make food fun, while ensuring that we are not wasteful. And our talented kitchen staff will continue to work with local and regional vendors to ensure the highest quality of food, which will be supplemented by a variety of herbs and root vegetables we grown in our own garden at camp.

Chef Keith came to the Kutz Camp more than 30 years ago, and has since developed his skills and the talents of the kitchen staff during his tenure. Chef Keith is known for some of his most famous offerings, including Thursday Night Lasagna, cheesecakes, Pie a la Keith (Shabbat evening pie – served with a ladle) and banana pudding. Keith also bakes daily, ensuring the healthiest and freshest breads, muffins, pastries, and Challah for Shabbat. A native of Trinidad, Keith brings a unique flavor of the islands to camp and into the kitchen.
Breakfast starts with fresh juices (the juice machine has left the building)! The cold breakfast bar is comprised of 15 different types of cereal, granola, dried and fresh fruits, cheeses, yogurts and proteins. The hot bar includes fresh scrambled eggs daily, complimented by pancakes, waffles, French toast sticks, or turkey bacon. We have fresh, hot oatmeal and fresh baked breads available every morning. And Saturdays are the best, with homemade muffins for breakfast, and a bagel shmear lunch featuring our famous Kutz Kugel.
Lunch offers a variety of options, ranging from a hot lunch and soup, to our new Supreme Salad Bar, to sandwiches and wraps. We always have peanut butter and jelly, which will be located in a different part of the dining hall as to not cross contaminate with anything in the main food-service area. Lunch entrees include grilled cheese, deli sandwiches, tacos, falafel, chili, and our special “best of the week” features to compliment our Friday pizza lunch outside. Lunch soups are always vegan, including lentil, split pea, tomato, minestrone, and French onion (no cheese), to name a few.

The Supreme Salad Bar is available at lunch and dinner. At each meal, the salad bar will be comprised of a minimum of three types of lettuce, ten different veggie toppings, three different crunchy fixings, and five different types of salad dressing. No two consecutive meals will ever have the exact same offerings, and in total, we have over sixty different items that will debut on our salad bar throughout the course of the summer.

Dinner is our only family-style meal at the Kutz camp, so we’re making it extra family fun. From food theme nights (Israeli, Hawaiian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian), to honoring our sister camps’ culinary triumphs (Eisner’s Wing Night, Jacobs’ Food on a Stick, Greene’s Tennessee Cheese Cake), to Chef Keith’s famous Thursday Night Lasagna, dinner takes on a whole new experience at Kutz. Dinner will always have a gourmet vegetarian option as well (please be sure to register as a vegetarian before camp). Desserts include cakes, pastries, fresh fruit, and ice cream novelties.
The Canteen is open daily from 4-6 pm. In addition to Haagen Dazs ice cream bars, Ben and Jerry's ice cream bars, frozen yogurt, sweet and salty snacks and cold drinks, be sure to try out our new coffee drinks from our barista station, and fresh smoothies from the juice bar.
The Kutz Culinary Revolution was created in partnership with a nutrition specialist and with guidance from our sister URJ camp menus (Eisner, Greene, Jacobs, and 6 Points) and invaluable resources from First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative, Let's Move: America's Move to Make a Healthier Generation of Kids. Our Culinary Revolution has been inspired by years of helpful feedback, a desire to make meals healthier and more satisfying, a vision for more resilient minds and bodies, and simply making food fun. We look forward to breaking bread with you this summer!