Where does social change come from? And where in the world of social media, 24-hour news, and political posturing do we find justice? In the Social Action Major we’ll look at innovators, radical thinkers, artists, and activists who are not just calling out for action, but working in communities and changing how people think about issues that affect all of us. Participants will also explore the concepts of social action and activism through a uniquely Jewish perspective and discover how they can become voices for change in their communities.

What Topics Will We Explore?

The curriculum for the Social Action Major incorporates NFTY’s Five A’s of Social Action:

  • Awareness: Know your ABCs: Apartheid, Body Image, Child Exploitation, Deforestation, Economic Justice, Fossil Fuels, Green Energy, Homelessness, Immigration Reform, Jewish Philosophy, Kurdish Autonomy, LGBTQ Rights, Myanmar, Nation Building, Opposing Views, Political Organizing, Questioning Authority, Racial Justice, Sexism, Terrorism, Urban Crime, Volunteer Opportunities, Water Rights, Xenophobia, Youth Empowerment, Zoological Conservation… to name a few.
  • Assessment: What are the issues that are important to me? What’s the best way I can make an impact on my community? Which organizations and charities are doing great work?
  • Action: Speaking up, taking a stand, raising money, changing policy, volunteering, tweeting, and more.
  • Alliance: Who are my partners for change?
  • Advocacy: How can we inspire others?

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As a participant in this major I can expect to...

  • Explore Racial Justice issues and how teens can take action
  • Create materials and resources for the Racial Justice Campaign that will be used throughout NFTY during the academic year
  • Examine a broad range of social justice issues important to our Movement
  • Build critical thinking and creative abilities through debating, blogging, programming, reporting, reading, writing, and educating your peers.
  • Make friends and allies with participants from around the world
  • Find your inner activist, whatever your cause.

Did You Know?

  • Participants will have an opportunity to shape course content and explore the issues that affect their lives and communities such as racial justice, gun violence, our current political climate, and egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall.
  • This major isn’t simply about politics or current-events; we explore how social justice comes in many forms and how everything from what we eat to what websites we browse can have serious implications in our own lives and around the world.