Social Entrepreneurship

Launched in 2018, this innovation incubator helps participants build tangible skills and develop action plans that they can implement in their community. With both seminar-style and interactive learning, teens will sharpen their vision for their future.

"I learned a ton of terms I never knew before and I got to apply them to real companies. The immersive teachers were absolutely AMAZING. The highlight of my day was ALWAYS the Social Entrepreneurship immersive." - Elyse, Baltimore, Maryland

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This is for the teen who...  

...wants to take their entrepreneurial vision and workshop it in fun, collaborative environment grounded by Reform Jewish values.  

5 Key Takeaways 

Teens who dive into the Social Entrepreneurship Immersive will: 

  1. Explore the intersections between business, innovation, and Judaism 
  2. Gain practical leadership skills with an entrepreneurial focus 
  3. Discuss topics central to starting your own socially responsible business in the twenty-first century 
  4. Collaborate in groups to bring a project from ideation to minimum viable product 
  5. Connect with leading professionals from the corporate, start-up, and non-profit landscapes 

Curriculum Description 

The social entrepreneurship immersive is an exciting new program at Kutz that launched in 2018. The immersive brings together the atmosphere of a traditional summer camp and an innovation incubator that equips participants with tangible skills that they can take into their local communities.  

Blending concepts related to business operations, values-driven entrepreneurialism, and the past, present, and future of Judaism, participants will engage in both interactive and seminar-style learning in a fun and creative environment. The goal of the immersive is to provide value to teens considering a variety of career paths, in both the private and public sectors in the Jewish world and beyond.