In the Songleading major, you can learn all about the essential parts of songleading; from picking up the energy level of the crowd, to body movement and eye contact. Learn the intricacies of being a great songleader and gain the skills necessary to lead your NFTY Region or Congregation. Whether your a beginner or an expert, the Songleading Major can give you tangible techniques to bring home!

What Topics Will We Explore?

The Songleading major covers a variety of topics. Whether you're just beginning your songleading journey, or you've been songleading for years, the Songleading Major at Kutz will definitely benefit you! Below are some of the topics that have been covered in the major in the past:

  • Thinking about the energy level of the group you are songleading for, and what kind of energy you want to leave them with at the end of the song session.
  • The “essence of songleading”.
  • Which songs types of songs to choose given certain situations; such as rainy days, maccabia, Shabbat, etc.
  • What you want to accomplish at Kutz so that you can be more successful in leading your congregation or NFTY region.

One Piece of Advice

"Take advantage of everything! Use your time at Kutz to soak up every piece of information around you. Listen carefully to your teachers and your peers, because everyone has something to share. During song sessions and t'fillah, observe what the songleaders are doing. Think about the choices they made and what effects they had. When you're jamming with some friends during free time, learn songs done in other NFTY regions and bring them to your region or synagogue. Every moment at Kutz is a learning experience."

As a participant in this major, I can expect...

  • To learn how to do a “teach” successfully.
  • Find the “essence of songleading” for you as an individual.
  • Learn specific tools that will help you become a better songleader.
  • To meet other teens around the country who also have a passion for songleading.songleading

In Their Own Words

maddyfrumkin"I chose the songleading major because I love music, especially in a Jewish setting. Music is my way to feel connected to G-d. We learned how to lead people in song rather than sing to them. The majority of the summer was spent discussing elements such as mood, energy, and song choice. The goal of the major is to enable you to return home to your congregation or NFTY region and create successful song sessions and services on your own." 

- Maddy Frumkin, NFTY-SAR





Did You Know?

  • Some of the Reform Movement's great musicians come to Kutz every summer to teach the Songleading major, including Dan Nichols (B'tzelem Elohim, Na Na Song), Noam Katz (Ameh Yisrael Chai), & Josh Nelson (Y'hiyu L'Ratzon)!
  • As a participant in the Songleading major, you'll have the opportunity to songlead for the entire camp!